Conventional & Organic Oil Seeds

Oil seeds have their origins in the vegetable kingdom.  Vegetable oils are valued for the nutritional benefits they provide by acting as a cooking medium.  all over the world people use vegetable oils to cook their food.  The recent trend in diet consciousness have made some oil seeds exremly popular.

Sesame Natural

Sesame is essentially grown and used as on oilseed in India and Africa. Due to its rich oil content, edible oil is extracted and used. It is also used whole in cooking and is a common ingredient in Asian cooking.

Sesame Hulled

Sesame seeds are hulled after harvesting to give it its white color. The aesthetics is improved after hulling and sorting. White sesame seeds are perceived as being of superior quality to the black seeds.

Brown Flax Seed

Another oilseed of great nutritional repute is Brown Flax Seed. Grown extensively in India as a source of edible oil, it is also used as a culinary ingredient. Trends in the West indicate that consumption of Flax Seed is beneficial to human health because it is rich in lignans, Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and has a high mineral content.

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