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For over 2500 years, man has known and used spices. In the early days, spices were used to mask odors generated while cooking. Over time, their medicinal properties were discovered. Then, the flavors imparted to cooked food became the prime reason for using spices.

India has a rich tradition of spices. Around the 4th century BCE, the sage Susruta documented the use of spices as medicine. The 1st century sage Charaka and Susruta II in the 2nd century BCE used spices and herbs such as turmeric, garlic cinnamon, pepper and cardamom as ingredients in their medicinal formulations. The Indian medical practice of Ayurveda is replete with references and uses of a wide variety of herbs, plants, leaves and spices.

No wonder India is known as the “curry capital” of the culinary world ! Indian cuisine has found its way into the kitchens of Europe and America. Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, butter chicken and roti are now standard fare across global eateries. Indian condiments and spices are available on retail counters on every continent.

The problem is, very few are aware of the purity and quality of the products they are buying. Sleek packaging and clever branding might add glitz but intrinsic product quality is a matter of trust.

Ecorich is a brand built on this very foundation called trust. Both our Organic and Conventional products go through rigorous testing, both traditional and technological, to ensure that only the finest reach the table. We will go to any length to ensure purity and quality are both assured.

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